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Make your IRD tax dates unforgettable

Add tax dates like GST, PAYE and Provisional Tax straight into your calendar for FREE.

No more nasty penalties & interests 

because of late returns and payments!

Who is TaxReminders for?

Business owners & companies

Self-employed & sole-traders

Accountants &

their clients

Why use TaxReminders?

Tax due dates for GST, PAYE and Provisional NZ IRD

Fast, easy & free

Add IRD tax dates to the most popular calendar applications like Apple, Google and Outlook. No signups and logins. Plus it's free. Forever.

Most common tax types

Due dates for the most common IRD tax types like GST, PAYE and Provisional tax for up to two years.

Avoid penalties & interests

Never forget to file your tax returns and make payments on time, avoiding unnecessary penalties and interests.

Works with all major calendars

Add tax dates to online calendar like Google, Apple, Microsoft for GST, PAYE and Provisional Tax NZ IRD

“TaxReminders is the perfect addition to my Google calendar to ensure I pay my GST & TAX on time. Any app that helps reduce the mental load when it comes to owning your own business is a must-have for me! I am happy to have discovered it."

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