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  • How to download TaxReminders?
    TaxReminders is designed to help you remember your filing and payment due dates for the most common tax due dates, such as GST, PAYE and Provisional Tax. It is really simple to use. Step 1: Click on the blue button "Add tax reminders now" Step 2: Go to the tax type and select the calendar application that is applicable to you. For eg. see screenshot below if you want to download 2 monthly GST tax type and the Google calendar application. Step 3: This will take you to your calendar application when the due dates are downloaded automatically. You may need to click on the "Add" button in the case of Google calendar. And that's it. Repeat the same steps for other tax types!
  • How to download TaxReminders (video)?
  • How do I share TaxReminders with my clients if I am an accountant or bookkeeper?
    For your clients to enjoy the benefits of TaxReminders, the best way is to share or embed the link TaxReminders is designed to be so simple that there you clients will be able to download the tax due dates to their calendar without much hand-holding (if at all).
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